Rain Gauges

The complete renewal of our precipitation system has been finished during the year 2006. The old tipping bucket rain gauges (TBR) ANEMO (horizontal area 200 cm2) were replaced by set of the new advanced TBR with horizontal area of 500 cm2 and remote data transmission.

TBR SR03 with horizontal area of 500 cm2 is designed to measuring of liquid precipitations based on tipping bucket principle. Each tip of the bucket creates electrical pulse and the frequency of the tipping itself is related to rain intensity. The device is consisted of the rain gauge, the data logger and the stand. Thanks to internal GSM/GPRS modem and low energy consumption the device can operate at inaccessible place in long-term mode with online data transmission.

Horizontal area 500cm2
Pulse output == 0,1mm of rainfal
Internal GSM/GPRS modem (SMS, Data, GPRS)
Other analogue inputs available (air temperature, humidity, wind measurements)

More information can be found here.