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FLUENT is the CFD software for a wide range of flow modeling applications. With its long-standing reputation of being user-friendly, FLUENT makes it easy for new users to come up to productive speed. Its unique capabilities in an unstructured, finite volume based solver are near-ideal in parallel performance. To ensure that FLUENT is ready to deploy right out-of-the-box, we have put it through a comprehensive program of industrial-strength testing.



MOUSE is a professional engineering software tool for the simulation of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and sediment transport in urban drainage and sewer systems.
Among the features that make MOUSE the leading modeling tool for sewers are:

  • fast and robust numerical scheme
  • advanced hydrological modules
  • comprehensive RTC analysis capabilities
  • GIS add-on modules


The United States Environmental Protection Agencies (USEPA's) Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) is a comprehensive computer model for analysis of quantity and quality problems associated with urban runoff. Both single-event and continuous simulation can be performed on catchments having storm sewers, or combined sewers and natural drainage, for prediction of flows, stages and pollutant concentrations. Extran Block solves complete dynamic flow routing equations (St. Venant equations) for accurate simulation of backwater, looped connections, surcharging, and pressure flow.



AQUASIM is a very flexible computer program for data analysis and simulation of aquatic systems. Participants will get an overview of the capabilities of AQUASIM and practical training in implementing models in AQUASIM and in performing simulations, parameter estimations and linear sensitivity analysis. They will have the opportunity to discuss their own simulation problems with the course teachers and to implement a simple prototype of their own model in AQUASIM.

Physical Habitat Simulation (PHABSIM) Software

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This extensive set of programs is designed to predict the micro-habitat (depth, velocities, channel indices) conditions in rivers as a function of streamflow, and the relative suitability of those conditions to aquatic life. A user's manual and a set of tutorial exercises are provided. As of April 2001 the software has been tested with Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. Phabsim for Windows supercedes the previous DOS-based version (PHABSIM V 2.0). Version 2.0 is also available on our web site, but is no longer supported.