Telemetric station MG35 and registration unit M4016

This 32 channel measuring station enables data gathering and archiving from ultrasonic water level or water quality sensors. It is also designed as part of warning system based on warning, inquiry and controlling SMS messages.
The station has many universal inputs and built-in dual GSM modem. Each channel can have its own archiving interval and the station is capable of connection to pulse scanners and intelligent probes through RS-485 interface.

Ultrasonic probes USX000

Ultrasonic probes enable measuring of water-level, discharge or tank volume. Probes are manufactured in several distance modifications and can work independently or in connection with a registering unit.

ADS QuadraScan 3600 Flow Meter

The flow meter QS3600 enables water level and flow velocity measurement and discharge or basin volume computing. The flow meter fit the standards for measuring in dangerous explosive environment like sewer networks etc.

SIGMA 950/960 Flow Meter, SIGMA 900 Liquid Portable Sampler

The flow meter enables water level, velocity flow and discharge measurement in open channels. The device is available with several measurement technologies as a bubbler, submerged pressure sensor, ultra sonic or area velocity probe.
Liquid Portable Sampler is used for automatic collecting of samples and it can be easily connected to flow meters mentioned above.

Flow-Mate Model 2000


Portable, battery powered water velocity meter for stream and river gauging, weir/flume calibrations, flow meter calibrations and instantaneous spot checks.