Hydraulic laboratory

Basic specification:

Total floor area of the laboratories including offices, workshops and supporting labs1640 m2
Floor area of the main hydraulic laboratory1032 m2
Floor area for indoor hydraulic models350 m2
Max. discharge0,7 m3/s
Reservoirs volume800 m3
Gravitational system with total head of 10 m

Laboratory equipment:

Permanent hydraulic flumes:

Qmax [l/s]L [m]B [m]H [m]bottom slopematerial of the wall
Flume A5001511 (2)fixed 0 %glass
Flume B15080.50.75tilting up to 7.5 %glass
Flume C20061,50,6tilting up to 16 %glass
Flume D5060,250,5 (1)fixed 0 %glass
Pipe A6017DN 290 - tilting up to 5 %plexiglass
Pipe B3017DN 150 - tilting up to 5 %glass

Flumes are equipped with measuring weirs, orifices and specifically with MID flowmeters.

Sedimentation, filtration and fluidized columns including recirculation system for suspensions and aggressive fluids:

nDN [mm]L [m]material

Temporary hydraulic models:

  • swirl and vortex separator, outflow regulators
  • combined sewer overflow models
  • fluvial channel models
  • models of hydraulic structures
  • models of water turbines

Additional equipment:

  • crane (3,5 t)
  • aeration systems
  • suspension mixed tanks

Equipment for hydraulic quantities measurement:


  • flowmeters MID KROHNE 200, 150, 50
  • mass flowmeter KROHNE - Corimass
  • ultrasonic flowmeter KROHNE - pressurized flow
  • measuring weirs, measuring orifices

Flow velocity and turbulence:

Water depth:

  • ultrasonic water level gauges Pepperl-Fuchs
  • point gauge
  • digital point gauge


  • differential and absolute pressure transducers Hottinger Baldwin
  • amplifier SPIDER - Hottinger Baldwin

Signal analysis:

  • oscilloscope

Data acquisition: