Hydraulic laboratory

Hydraulic laboratory of CTU supervised by LERMO is situated in D-building. All departments joined in Water management and Water Structures study program participate on usage and operation of the hydraulic laboratory. Laboratory is equipped with standard instrumentation for hydraulic research. Besides the research activities different teaching courses use laboratory for experimental exercises.

Analytical laboratory

Analytical laboratory of LERMO includes common equipment for measurement of basic physico-chemical parameters of water quality. Moreover, special equipment allows heavy metals analyses as well as pretreatment of solid samples (bottom sediment) for analysis. Biological compartment of the laboratory is specialized on an assessment of benthic communities from small urban streams.

Equipment for field monitoring

LERMO is equiped with wide spectra of devices for the waste water quantity and quality field measurements (flowmeters, limnimeters, automatic samplers, multiparametrical probes, pHmeters, Oximeters etc.). The departments owns several portable rainfall gauge for precipitation intensity measurements in the investigated catchments.