Water and Environmental Engineering


In the course students will obtain basic knowledge of water and environmental management. The emphasis is put on practical knowledge with close relation to other disciplines of civil engineering. The subject is taught in form of lectures and excercises. The stress is laid on presentation with examples from common practice (positive and negative) with using all audiovisual forms. Lectures of this course are devided into two parts Water Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


Water Engineering
  • Introduction to the Water Engineering, water works and their necessity in water management, hydraulic structures specifics. T he relationship of the environment and water management, sustainable development.
  • Hydrologic cycle in nature, climate and hydrological data and their processing, runoff from the watershed, rainfall-runoff processes.
  • Watercourses, river engineering, flood protection. Soil depletion and conservation.
  • Drainage and irrigation - the importance and use today and in history, small water reservoir (pond).
  • Water resources, water supply and water treatment for supply purpose, transport of water. The water in the ecosystem.
  • Waste water production, drainage and wastewater treatment.
  • Structures and line plumbing for water supply and wastewater treatment. Landscape and its stability, retention of landscape.
  • Mineral springs, spas, swimming pools, balneology. Atmosphere - pollution, smog situation, greenhouse effect
  • Hydraulic structures, loading of hydraulic structures, weirs and inland waterways. Traffic structures and the environment, waste, noise, power engineering.
  • Dams and hydropower plants, the basic description, components of hydropower plants, safety requirements.
  • Types of hydraulic turbines and hydro schemes operating, technological and construction of hydropower plants. Environment protection- legislation of the environment, biodiversity, Environmental Impacts.
  • Operation and monitoring of water works, documentation of water works, water management.
  • Critical situation on the waterworks, failure and accident, critical situations. Revitalisation of watercourses+landscape reclamation.

Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering - Introduction
  • Water and Ecosystems
  • Ameliorative works, irrigation, drainage, small and special water reservoirs
  • Water retention processes in the landscape
  • Soil and water
  • Land Reclamation, Waste

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