Sewer Systems


Urban drainage, integrated approach. Waste waters production. Rainfall and rainfall data. Surface runoff - catchment losses, concentration. Effect on receiving waters. Mitigation strategies and approaches. Sustainable urban drainage systems. Monitoring and modelling. Innovative technologies.

Time schedule:

Lectures: weeks 1-12, 10 lectures + 2 field trips

Method of study check during course:

  • Discussions at the end of lectures
  • Attendance check at field trips

  • Exam information:

    Test at the end of semester

    Exam weight for classification:



    Recommended literature:

    David Butler, John Davies: Urban Drainage, Third Edition. 2010 by CRC Press Textbook - 632 Pages ISBN 9780415455251 Back

    In the case of distant teaching:

    Lectures will be on-line in MS Teams environment. The lecture dates and times will be according to valid timetable. Field trips will be cancelled and substituted by on-line demostrations.