• Code: 144BT1
  • Course type: Erasmus / Mobility
  • Study programme: Bachelor
  • Weekly load: 2+0
  • Types of credits: ex
  • Number of credits: 2
  • Lecturer: Doc. Ing. B. Šťastný, Ph.D.


Water treatment, design and operation of circulation water for swimmnig pool, natural and artificial complexes for water recreation and spas.

Time schedule:

Lectures: weeks 1-12: 10 lectures + 2 field trips

Method of study check during course:

  • Discussions at the end of lectures
  • Attendance check at field trips

  • Exam information:

    Test at the end of semester

    Exam weight for classification:


    In the case of distant teaching:

    Lectures will be on-line in MS Teams environment. The lecture dates and times will be according to valid timetable. Field trips will be cancelled and substituted by on-line demostrations.


    • Entrance, trends, actual situation in swimming pool construction
    • Design of individual objects and equipment
    • Design of swimming pool layout
    • Proposal of swimming pool detail
    • Chemistry of swimming pool water
    • Material specification
    • Hygiene service
    • Theory of swimming pool water regeneration
    • Swimming pool water exchange system
    • Open air swimming pools
    • Indoor swimming pools
    • Water blow-off in swimming pools
    • Regulations and directives
    • Economy of swimming pool running

    Recommended literature:

    [1] Swimming pool - design and construction , Philip Perkins, EN
    [2] Commercial swimming pool design, Victor K. de Fontenay, AU
    [3] Saunas Ch. (2008) Swimming Pools çbr