Drinking Water Management

Annotation of lectures:

  • Water resources, quality of raw water
  • Drinking water treatment, water treatment plant
  • Treatment of raw groundwater
  • Treatment of raw surface water – mechanical pre-treatment, pre-oxidation, disinfection
  • Treatment of raw surface water – clarification, flotation
  • Treatment of raw surface water – filtration, adsorption, stabilization, membrane processes, sludge management
  • Water Demand – calculation, irregularity, leakage of water
  • Pumps and pumping stations
  • Water tanks – properties, design parameters, pressure zones
  • Water distribution pipe system – shape and design parameters
  • Water distribution pipe system – pipeline material and fittings
  • Water distribution pipe system - construction and maintenance

Time schedule:

Week 1 to 12 lectures - Water treatment and subsequently Water Supply, teaching in English (attendance optional, recommended) Lectures and the test can be in a form of presence or distance learning according to the situation.

Method of study check during course:

Individual assignment on a given topic and submitting it in the required deadline.

Exam information:

Submitting the individual assignment. Test.

Exam weight for classification:

Classified credit will be awarded solely on the basis of the test.

Recommended literature:

[1] TWORT, A. C., RATNAYAKA, D. D., BRANDT, M. J.: WATER SUPPLY, 5th edition, Arnold and IWA Publishing, London, 2000
[2] E.W.Steel, T.J.McGhee: Water Supply and Sewage, fifth edition, McGraw-Hill International Edition