About us

The Department of Sanitary and Ecological Engineering was established on 1 January 2005 after the two independently working departments, i.e. Department of Sanitary and Laboratory of Ecological Risks in Urban Drainage had merged.

The Department trains and educates engineers focusing on design, development and operation of water pipes and drainage systems, water treatment plants, sewer treatment plants, infrastructure, (swimming) pools and balneology. The instruction includes an integrated protection of natural waters and water resources as well as informatics applications and use of relevant software. The instruction is in particular meant for full-time students of Water management and Water construction works, and Environmental engineering. The department further develops and co-ordinates ¬the Urban Engineering programme for the following branches: Water Management and Water construction works, Surface construction works and structures, Environmental engineering, Entrepreneurship and Management in Building industry. It also participates in teaching of first degree students and takes care of education of Ph.D.candidates. A follow-up study provides professional growth to urban engineers.

The scientific research concentrates on treatment of surface and ground waters into drinking and service water, on monitoring and modeling of changes in water quality in chosen areas, in drinking water distribution systems and in sewerage systems, on monitoring and evaluation of waste water treatment plants, on intensification of purification processes, hydrology of urban drainage, coordination of reconstruction, completion and modernization of infrastructures, development of modern methods of infrastructure burying and also on optimalization and enhancement of water pipes and systems of water supply and distribution in balneologic buildings, premises and zones.